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"A Life" As A Phantom Thief | Anarchy4all | 2


Emerging in front of the officers, Inspector Sara Dean captures your eyes. As professional as the badge at her waist and sneakers make her look, you can't help but admire her long legs and large bust, it has to be at least a large C-cup. Given her career choice, it's safe to assume she's wearing a bra, and since she's wearing a skirt, her panties are probably innocent. The red-head's clothes may not be sexy or accentuate her features, but knowing some of what she's hiding certainly does get the blood flowing towards your penis. You do what you can to keep it down, since a hard-on isn't a very nice impression for the first meeting, and the gun in her hand helps do that wonderfully.

You notice that while you're eyeing Sara, she's eyeing you. She looks you up and down several times, noticing you chose to wear a bright blue cloak which covers you from the neck down, hiding whatever may be underneath. Her eyes seem to spend a good amount of time on your face, or rather, your mask, which seems to be etching it's eerie smile into her brain. You can't tell for sure from this angle, but you swear she's looking to spy a bulge in your midsection.

Your left thumb presses the play button on the recorder in your pocket, and the speaker in your mask connected to it sounds out your voice. "Ah, Inspector Sara Dean, I must say, your picture in the police database doesn't do you justice. How aren't you married?"

"Save it," she snaps, "Where's..."

"The Blue Dragon of Hong Kong? He was never after the Emerald Wendigo, though I'm certain you weren't really expecting him."

"Of course I wasn't," she shouts. "The Blue Dragon only steals treasures relating to China and only strikes during the day on holidays where his mark would be closed. The Wendigo relates to Native Americans and it's one in the morning right now. Not to mention a doodle on the warning note wasn't something he does. We only came here in event it actually was him, as unlikely as it seemed. So..."

"Why did I use his name? Well, I wanted a good sized audience for my debut into the world of thieving, and the police would definitely respond to his name. As for me, I'm , and I'm pleased to make your acquaintance, though I never would have thought we'd meet on the roof of the Atlantis Hotel."

"Then I guess you foolishly don't think much of me, a child could have solved that note," she counters and recites the note:

To Director Gambale,
On May 13, I will steal the Emerald Wendigo from your museum and without being seen, during the heist anyway. Expect me when a foreign moon can be seen from Mt. Everest with the naked eye, unless that eye can't see. Oh, and feel free to phone across the ocean for help guarding it, just hope the call doesn't sink into the ocean.
-The Blue Dragon of Hong Kong

Inspector Dean continues, "You even threw in a drawing of that creepy mask your wearing. You mentioned 'a foreign moon' and moons are also known as satellites, and 'Mt. Everest' signified a high place, so it meant we would see a foreign satellite from a high location without any equipment. Tonight starting at one, a spy satellite launched by the Soviet Union during the Cold War comes close enough to this part of the world for us to see. You chose this satellite because it was an early model satellite and the scope on it didn't work, or rather, 'that eye can't see.' And although there are plenty of high locations around here proper for viewing this satellite, the only one that 'sunk into the ocean' was the 'Atlantis' Hotel." Her voice sang with pride and victory as she concluded, "By the way, that parachute on your back won't help you, the radar on the helicopters will help the patrol cars below narrow down where you'll land."

"Wonderful, you certainly live up to your reputation Inspector, except for one little detail." The confidence drains from her face and is replaced by confusion and curiosity. "Inspector, look my warning over again. Although I mention the Atlantis Hotel, I never say I'll be approaching the museum from here, now do I? do I? do I? . . ."

The recording continues to repeat those three words over and over, just as you planned. Upon noticing this, Inspector Dean slowly steps closer until she snaps the trip wire you set earlier, releasing from your shoes a smokescreen that engulfs the roof.


What are you planning?



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