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A Boy at a Strict Girls School | Anarchy4all | 9


Moving to your seat behind your desk, you say, "Start explaining," to the girl as you fire up the school's computer.

With fear in her eyes, she stammers, "Uh, well, I-I had an accident about a month ago, a-a-and i-it messed up my face. So, m-my eyes w-were weak. A-And my doctor gave it to me to help the healing." She swallows hard and smiles weakly, clearly hoping you buy it.

Your search in the school's system turns out a match. This girl's name is and she has lived in this city all of her life, ultimately confirming her doctor story is a lie since marijuana is illegal in this part of the country. Based on how nonchalantly she answered you before and the fact she looks stoned in her ID photo, it's a solid guess she's done this before and that there's more weed somewhere in her possession.

"Nice excuse, too bad it doesn't work here. Now, I have you on possession and use, if I wanted I could get Miss Stevens involved, who would no doubt get the police involved." Her face sinks and the color from it vanishes upon hearing these words. "However, since I can't prove credibly you've done this more than once, yet, I suppose we could work out a deal."

"Anything, , just name it!" she says desperately, causing you to smile evilly.

"Alright, first, I'll need to search you and your clothes, so please remove your clothes and place them on my desk." quickly removes her shirt, skirt, shoes, and socks and places them on your desk. She stands before you, and you can't help but admire her C-cup breasts and the dampness on her panties, causing your pants to become constricting.

You look her in the eye and say, "I believe I said to strip." begins hesitating, shocked at what you just asked her to do, so you say, "Alright, if you want it by the book, I'll just get Miss Stevens in here," as you reach for the phone.

"Okay, okay," she pleads. takes a deep breath and quickly unhooks her bra, exposing her perky breasts and erect nipples. She then hooks her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and yanks them down to her feet. As she steps out of them, your eyes lock on her bald, slick with juice pussy.

After she places her bra and panties on top of the rest, you search through her clothes, and only find the smell of marijuana smoke and pussy juice. "Alright," you say, "your clothes check out. However, since we don't want anyone to know about this, we can't have you walking around in clothes that smell of weed. So, to make sure nothing goes wrong, I'll just keep these in my desk until I get around to washing the smell out." With that, you place her clothes in the bottom desk drawer and lock it, watching her eyes widen in fear as you do.

"Next," you start, "the cavity search."


Where do you start?

          Pat her down first


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