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"A Life" As A Phantom Thief | Anarchy4all | 1


{FIRST NAME}= Your real first name
{LAST NAME}= Your thief name

You look out at the city before you, from the top of the Atlantis Hotel, you can see everything, including the patrol cars. As the helicopters circle the museum, you can't help but swallow hard and half expect a baby alien to erupt from your stomach. You can't believe you're about to do this, but you know in your heart you should. "It may be breaking the law, but the rich keep taking the cash that should go to everyone, yourself included, Curtis. If you do this enough times, you'll have the money you should have received from the government. Once you have that, you can stop doing this, and when the statute of limitations runs out you're free forever. Besides, you already sent the warning note, if you back out now, you won't get any respect as a phantom thief."

You keep telling yourself those words, doing your best to smile, but they do nothing to calm the churning in your stomach and the racing of your heart. As your limbs twitch and your breath quickens, you wipe your brow and say, "Alright, alright, calm down, there is nothing to be worried about. You calculated every last detail and planned it so you're not doing anything too complicated. Besides, the police won't take a twitchy phantom thief seriously."

These words have more of an impact on you, causing you to arch your back and steel your resolve. You pull out your police radio and voice changer and turn them both on. Setting the voice changer, you call out into the radio in a man's voice, "This is Captain Flynn, suspicious shadows confirmed on the roof of the Atlantis Hotel. I want all patrol units to surround the hotel, helicopters that means you, too." Suddenly, all the helicopters fly towards the roof your on and the sounds of sirens break the silence of the night as they approach the hotel. Just as quickly, a familiar voice shots from your radio, "Disregard those orders, this is Captain Flynn, YOU'RE RUNNING INTO A TRAP!!!!"

You quickly get giddy upon realizing it worked, but calm yourself almost instantly when you remember you need to hurry with the last detail. Changing the setting on the voice changer, you call out into the radio, "This is Inspector Dean, I want every man and woman I got in the Atlantis Hotel on the roof immediately. This is the opportunity we've been waiting for." You quickly turn towards the door to the hotel, pocket the voice changer, and pose, holding your head down, the radio in your right hand, your left hand in your pocket, and your legs lock in a comfortable position. When the pose is complete, you freeze your body, and just in time, the light from the helicopter illuminated the roof just seconds later. As the message confirming you're on the roof sounds on the radio, the door opens and Inspector Dean emerges in front of countless officers.


Is Inspector Dean a man or a woman? (note: Inspector Dean's sex is opposite yours)

          Female (making you male)

          Male (making you female)


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