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7 Little College Girls | kendahl6969 | 4


The five managed to file into the good-sized bathroom to watch Samantha fuck Erica senseless with a dildo. Or was it Erica pounding Samantha? Besides not being able to tell the twins apart, the fact that they shared a double-ended dildo between the two of them made it difficult to tell who was the aggressor. Though Samantha seemed to be, as she mauled the other girl's big boobs with the coral-colored nipples while she ravaged her sister's panting mouth with her searching tongue.

Of course, Jo wasn't watching, but she could hear and smell the twins' rutting sex. She also had Anita giving her a blow by blow commentary, as it were, whispering in her ear what was transpiring between the two loving sisters.

"No wonder they wanted to share a room!" Suki sighed softly under her breath.

"Sistahs are really getting down!" prompted Allison.

The two redheads writhing around on the pile of bath towels they had placed on the cold linoleum floor were getting to their remaining classmates. Suki and Jo surreptitiously rolled a clothed nipple in their palms while Allison and Anita didn't care who saw them rub their aroused clits through their panties, their hands under their short skirts. Cathy nonchalantly ground her cuntmound against the doorknob of the bathroom.

Allison soundlessly worked her way behind the blind co-ed and proceeded to maul her titties through her blouse as she fingered the girl's wet pussy, naked under the pleated miniskirt. As the brunette passionately responded, the black student placed the blind girl's hand on her own pussymound, pushing her silk panties aside. Jo took the hint and helped her unknown friend achieve orgasm as well.

The reserved Japanese student asked the Indian girl if she minded eating her pussy. Anita nodded in assent and dropped to her knees in front of the sweet Asian. She pulled the petite miss' formfitting black tights down to her dimpled knees. Suki held the Indian's head passionately between her legs as the girl ate her bare little box ravenously.

The American exchange student walked before the blind co-ed and also dipped to her knees, secure in the knowledge Jo would never know who ate her.

Soon the moans and groans reverberating off the tiled walls were impossible for even the copulating redheads to ignore. They were quite surprised to see that, first, they were discovered, and also that the sight of their incestuous pairing had triggered a mini-orgy in their small group of classmates. The already satisfied pair split up to see who they could help.

Samantha went behind the petite Indian kneeling before Suki and moved her lacy thong aside. Sam inserted one end of her double-headed dildo into the puckered hole of the conservative student's ass. She began to work the already slick dildo in and out of the girl's tight ass. Sam heard Anita's moans reach the crescendo of the Japanese girl she was eating.

Erica assumed a similar position behind the American girl. She worked her now saliva-soaked middle fingers into the blonde's lightly fuzzed pussy, brushing aside the cotton panties. Her thumb sealed the exchange student's rear entry.

As the other five girls began a series of near-simultaneous orgasms, the naughty twins stepped back, beginning to gather their clothes.

"My, my, looks like we have a schoolful of Peeping Tomasinas!" remarked Sam, getting the attention of the five. The group looked variously surprised and horrified that the twins had discovered them.

"Yeah, couple of girls can't go to the loo without some pervy tarts watching them!" Eric chimed in, smiling at her future classmates.

"Looks like we found a way of telling you two apart as well," remarked Allison, the least taken aback of the five. Though the girls had started to close their tops, their privates were still exposed. Sam was shaved clean, Eric had a little red mohawk down there.

Eric blushed in her pale skin from head to toe, Sam did not. "The barbershop is open, if anyone wants to join us!" Sam said, picking a razor and can of shaving cream from the medicine cabinet.


Does anyone take Sam up on her offer?

          Jo does


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