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A Boy at a Strict Girls School | deathofcards | 29


You look over your shoulder to see Carol standing there naked in the doorway idly playing with herself to the sight of the two of you together. You slip out of and roll onto your back beside her. You feel your erection beginning to subside slightly. Although the realisation that Carol watched you fuck is a considerable turn on. eventually rolls onto her front seemingly noticing Carol's presence for the first time.

“That was so hot. I didn't realise watching other people having sex would get me so wet.” Carol explains. “Seeing his cum dripping out of you looks sexy as well.”

blushes in embarrassment at Carol's comment. “Well it certainly felt good. has such a nice cock.” replies shyly.

“I want to watch you fuck her again.” Carol exclaims excitedly.

“I'm still a little exhausted after he fucked me so hard.” replies. A devilish smile crosses 's face. “Why don't you get him hard for me so I can take a moment to recover?”

Carol looks a little nervous at the suggestion. You reach forward and grab her by the hand pulling her closer to you. You kiss her gently on the lips and can taste the sweet flavour of pussy juice on her lips. You wonder whose? She parts her lips and your tongues meet, intertwining in a passionate embrace. She moans softly into your mouth.

“Suck his cock Carol.” suggests.

Carol breaks off her kiss and drops to her knees in front of you. Nervously she begins to lick at the head of your cock. You can tell she is very inexperienced but she makes up for it with enthusiasm. She explores all the contours of your cockhead with her tongue, causing you to moan softly. Feeling encouraged she takes the tip into her mouth sucking on it lightly. Your erection starts to rise once more and Carol takes you deeper into her mouth beginning to suck you harder.

“I think he's back to full strength now Carol.” observes.

looks over at you. “How do you want me this time?” she purrs.

You smile at her “I want you to ride me. I want you facing Carol so she can see your face as I fuck you.” You reply.

“Dirty boy.” responds.

Carol lets you slip from her mouth and stands back. You sit up upright your cock standing fully erect in your lap. straddles you, you grip her waist and she eases herself down onto your length slowly. is still sopping wet and you slip into her easily. She moans as you fill her pussy. At first she just eases herself up and down working the head in and out of herself teasing you with the folds of your pussy. Slowly she begins to take you deeper into herself until eventually you are completely inside her.

“That looks so hot” Carol comments. You watch her as she slips two fingers into herself, working them in and out of her pussy gently. You're mesmerised by 's ass as she lifts herself up and down on your length. She works it like that for awhile rising up so only the head is inside of her than taking you balls deep in her tight little pussy again.

“I love it when you're deep in me.” moans.

“I want to watch you girls kiss.” You state.

Carol does not even wait to see if is willing. She hungrily plants her lips on 's. willingly embraces the kiss. The sight of the two girls kissing passionately stirs you on. You start to thrust your cock upwards into 's pussy. You start to fuck her hard slamming your cock deep in and out of 's tight hole. She bottoms out on your grinding her hips on against you wanting to keep you deep inside of her for as long as she can. You leave her like this for several minutes loving the sensation of being so deep inside of her. You pull her up so your cock slips from her pussy.

“Suck 's pussy juices off my cock Carol.” you demand.

Carol happily complies taking your length deep inside of her mouth, licking up every bit of 's pussy juice. As Carol is cleaning your cock an even seedier idea occurs to you. You love the feel of 's pussy on your cock but you would really love to know what her peachy little backside feels like.

“Why don't you lick 's asshole Carol? As that's where my cock is going next.” You suggest.


Does Carol lick her ass?

          Carol cleans her pussy


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